About me

About me

“Success does not mean winning everything, but making the best out of each situation.”

Since 1998, Triathlon has been my main hobby, and it has been my job since 2007. My name is Daniela Ryf, I was born in Feldbrunnen (Solothurn) in 1987 and I’m the current athlete of the year, as well as the winner of the Ironman-WM in Hawaii.

I began my career in Olympic distances; I started working with my current coach Brett Suton in 2014, and did a first Ironman. I travel around most of the year, always with the same goal: the best preparation for my “highlights” of the season.

Letting fly on a fun course #TimeTrialTuesday #IM703WC #chattanooga : @herbertkrabel

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Start of a new week and another opportunity for building🤗 Satisfied but never complacent. #mondaymotivation #roadtokona Mercedes-Benz

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Done and dusted #Longrun #IronmanTraining ASICS

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& resultate

& resultate


  • 20.08.20171.Rang

    Allgäu Triathlon

  • 29.07.20171.Rang

    5150 Zürich

  • 09.07.20171.Rang

    Challenge Roth

  • 11.06.20171.Rang

    Ironman 70.3 Rapperswil

  • 22.04.20173.Rang

    Challenge 70.3. Mogan Gran Canaria

  • 02.04.20171.Rang

    Ironman Südafrika

  • 27.01.20171.Rang

    Ironman 70.3 Dubai


  • 08.10.20161.Rang

    Ironman World Championship Hawaii

  • 04.09.20164.Rang

    Ironman 70.3 World Championship Mooloolaba

  • 24.07.20161.Rang

    Ironman Zürich

  • 17.07.20161.Rang

    Challenge Roth

  • 05.06.20161.Rang

    Ironman 70.3 Rapperswil

  • 29.01.20161.Rang

    Ironman 70.3 Dubai

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Challenge Roth 2017


Gran Canaria 2017


Südafrika 2017


Dubai 2017


Kona 2016


St. Moritz 2016


Challenge Roth 2016


Zürich 2016

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  • CH-6221 Rickenbach
  • info@humansports.ch
  • +41 41 930 48 48

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